Come Ski With Us – Horseshoe Lake, Arkansas

Located just 30 minutes from downtown Memphis, Horseshoe Lake in Arkansas provides a wonderful setting for the weekend getaway cabin…..Horseshoe Lake is a 2,362 acre recreational lake and was once a part of the mighty Mississippi River system. As the river changed course over time, many oxbow lakes were left behind to become independent land locked lakes. These often U-shaped lakes were further isolated in the 1920’s when the Mississippi river levee system was built. No longer connected to the Mississippi river, Horseshoe lake is not subject to constant water level fluctuations. This consistent habitat is favored by fish and waterfowl and has made Horseshoe Lake a favorite with all sportsmen. Horseshoe Lake is also home to over 100 lakefront vacation homes and offers great water skiing opportunities.     SUNSETS  |  FISHING  |  BOATING  |  DUCK HUNTING