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It's January 29th and the 2013-2014 deer hunting season is winding down. With about a month of bow hunting left, a lot of hunters have had a difficult season due to the abundant mast crop. Seems like several bucks were seen in early October but for most of us, they disappeared at that point.

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Hey Wayne. It's about the same news over here in eastern Arkansas, however, there were several nice bucks bagged in the our area and it seems like most of them were taken along the Mississippi River areas on some of the larger hunting clubs. It would be interesting to hear from other deer hunters on how their season was.
01/29/2014 04:54 PM
Left here by: Joey Burch
Talked to a hunter in south Arkansas and he said they had good numbers. Over 80,000 deer were killed in Deer Zone 12 which covers a lot of the southern part of the state. There's been over 211,000 killed statewide.
01/30/2014 11:10 PM
Left here by: Wayne Smith
From the other side of the Mississippi (Tennessee)we actually saw more bucks this year than last. The early cold snap in November seemed to have sent them into rut early and they were still out into mid-December. Most of what we saw were in cornfields and grazing on winter wheat. Stomach contents showed mostly grass and corn too.
01/31/2014 09:52 AM
Left here by: 38Special
It's Feb. 2nd and we're forecasted for 5" of snow. Even though most of the bucks have dropped their antlers, there's still a few running around with their racks. Snow on the ground up here has presented very good hunting opportunities almost as good as the rut. According to 7 day forecast, we may have several chances to hunt in snowy conditions.
02/02/2014 10:41 AM
Left here by: Wayne Smith
On a different topic...was driving between Wynne and Bald Knob last week and saw an eagle sitting in the field close to some geese...didn't realize they were that social. Is this common?
02/07/2014 09:37 AM
Left here by: 38Special
We've had about 6" of snow with about 3/4" of ice on top of it. Deer movement is very slow. Have seen signs of them digging for acorns. Some persimmon trees had late hanging fruit and the snow and ice has caused them to drop. Critters are scrounging for those. I've had a few people who've reported seeing large numbers of turkey lately. Hard to believe with all the winter weather that turkey season isn't that far off. Fin to Fur in Mountain View has reported many customers buying products in preparation for season. Also trout fishermen have been buying lots of fishing supplies.
02/08/2014 04:28 PM
Left here by: Wayne Smith
Eagles usually migrate to Arkansas in January and February. They are a bird that spends most of their life in solitude except during breeding. They really don't socialize with other birds. Occasionally they can be seen at food sources with other birds in the area. Sometimes people mistake socializing for harassing. Eagles will harass other birds until they can take their prey. They are also scavengers and will be seen close to large flocks of birds waiting on one to die to take advantage of an easy meal. Eagles mate for life but can be seen with other eagles especially around water.
02/08/2014 05:22 PM
Left here by: Wayne Smith
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